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Why You Should Have Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

Research shows that about 13% of drivers in the United States drive without auto insurance. Driving without valid insurance is not only illegal but will also subject you to severe consequences in the event of an accident. A third-party insurance coverage is a must-have for every car owner to avoid the financial burden of compensating injured passengers. Every car accident victim that lacks insurance is required to request an SR-22 form from their insurance provider. For those without a car, you should know that applying for non owners insurance is usually a simple and fast process. Below, you will discover the reasons to have non-owner SR-22 insurance.

In this era, a majority of auto insurance companies provide insurance policies for people who don’t own a car. This is according to the state requirement regarding high-risk drivers. Every driver that doesn’t own a car is considered a high-risk driver. The law states that a non-owner should have this type of insurance, and this is one of the reasons why you should invest in it. The need for non owners insurance is emphasized for individuals that drive cars that aren’t theirs, such as a rental car. Since you are regarded as a high-risk driver, you are likely to pay more for SR-22 insurance. However, you should know that non owners insurance will keep you away from trouble with the law.

What are the reasons for having non owners SR-22 Insurance? The need for SR-22 insurance is advised in different situations. For instance, if you have received a citation for driving without insurance, it is important to apply for SR-22 insurance. Additionally, a history of drunk driving or bad driving record requires an SR-22. Click here to learn more about why non-owners SR-22 is necessary. While trying to get your driver’s license back after a suspension, you need to drive with a non owners insurance to make the process easy.

Non owners insurance is cheaper than traditional auto insurance policies. This only applies to drivers who don’t have SR-22. The average cost of non owners insurance is 240$. The penalty for using expired insurance or defaulting in payment is the suspension of the driver’s license. There are means through which you can cut your cost on non owners insurance. Always check the rates of different auto insurance providers to save money on your non owners insurance policy. Establish if you can afford to pay the premiums before committing to a non owners insurance policy.

From the above discussion, you now understand why it is imperative to have non owners insurance.